We’d like to welcome Jessica Morris to the JesusWired team of Contributors. Jessica has been a fan of Christian music since her days as a PK and is fond of anything that has a good rhythm and message. She’s is an avid writer from Australia and has been published in RELEVANT magazine online and Jesus Freak Hideout.

Jessica will mostly be covering the areas of worship, pop, rock and punk music but will be branching out to other genres from time to time. Jessica will be regularly contributing in the areas of album reviews, news articles and interviews with independent Christian bands as well as some of the top Christian bands and artists in the world.

Welcome to the team, Jessica! Her first review will be posted in a matter of minutes so be sure to “Get Plugged In!” to us below so as to not miss it.

If you’re reading this, and you’re a good and reliable writer, and you want to write for us then please feel free to contact me at editor@jesuswired.com.

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