Help Get Steven Cooper’s New Single On To Mainstream Radio

Yesterday, the supremely talented and hard working indie artist Steven Cooper launched his first ever IndieGoGo campaign to raise the money needed to fund a major radio push campaign across the U.S. on mainstream radio stations and retail stores for his new single “Drunken Nights.” As he explains in the campaign description, he recently received a call from the radio promoter who is responsible for radio campaigns with the likes of Green Day and Kanye West, who thought his new single has strong potential to be a hit on mainstream radio. They loved it so much that they even offered him their services at half the normal rate since Steven is an independent artist. Steven then goes on to explain the need for the IndieGoGo campaign, “The problem? I still can’t afford it. Mainstream radio campaigns can run anywhere from $20,000-$100,000 for major artists. I am being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure one of these campaigns at less than $10,000. For any independent musician, this is a life changing opportunity.”

Steven needs to raise a total goal of $7,200 to make this opportunity a reality and needs to do so by February 27th. In just under two days, he’s raised $1,260 of that goal so far so, if you want to help him raise the rest of the necessary funds to make this radio campaign happen and for his upbeat, positive music to make an impact across the U.S., you can head on over to the campaign page embedded below and back this campaign.

To find out more about the radio campaign, and to listen to the new single which officially releases this coming Tuesday (02/18), please head on over to the campaign page below.

Steven Cooper – Drunken Nights Single Cover/Poster

You really don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to back this campaign and for doing so you can receive some pretty sweet rewards in return – For example, for just $25, you could receive a digital download of the new single and of both of his past albums and several of his previous singles. Other perks include: Autographed plaque with the CD and cover art of the single, a merch package and even a percentage of the royalties of the single for 1 year.

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Steven Cooper’s new single “Drunken Nights” is released in just 4 days and our review will be posted on Monday/Tuesday so make sure you “Get Plugged In!” to us below so as to not miss that.

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