Gospel Rewind 02/13/14: Micah Stampley – Another Place In Him

Artist: Micah Stampley
Title: Another Place In Him
Album: A Fresh Wind… The Second Sound

“Another Place In Him” isn’t just about getting to another level but it’s about getting to another dimension. It’s not just a song about another place but another place in Him.
Knowing God, hearing God, speaking to God… Another Place In Him is about wanting a deeper relationship with the Lord; it’s about having that relationship with the Lord.

This place in Him isn’t a ‘normal’ place either. Know that this place is a secret place; the same secret place where your father who you pray to resides (Matthew 6:6).
Commit your time to God in that place where the outside can’t get in. Build your relationship and get to know Him. Grow stronger through Him.
This isn’t just about finding a place to pray and read the Word but about finding a place in Him to do these things; a place to be with Him. This is about a personal relationship with our heavenly Father; about finding another place in Him and becoming one with Him.

We are led here by Micah Stampley as he shows us just how blessed this place can be. He leads us in a powerful praise and worship session as we are reminded that in order to be in another place in Him we must commit our time to Him. If we commit our time then we will be able to conform to His will for our lives; the same will that has already been done in heaven. If we commit our time to Him then we can be more like Him.

Let us remember that this is the place that we should be striving for and in the same way that the planted tree is connected to the streams of water (Psalm 1:3), let us remain connected to the Lord.

Micah Stampley can be found on Twitter (@MicahStampley) and on Facebook.

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