My post about the huddle a while back, and now this? I guess I’m on a sports kick, huh?

Well… I was at my high school’s basketball game a few weeks ago and the coach said something that struck me in a big way.

The team was doing rough and the coach was getting frustrated.

It just upsets me when they don’t listen to what I tell them to do! It makes it look like I don’t know what I’m doing.

In sports, the coach is the head. He gives the instructions and tells the team what to do. And when the team constantly messes up and doesn’t do what he tells them, it looks bad on the coach.
The team is a reflection of the coach.


Well, not totally.

Our coach is a great coach. I know that because I know him.
But if I didn’t know him, and saw a team that he coached play badly, I might come to have the impression that he was a bad coach.
In reality — that’s not true.
A coach can’t make his players do anything.
He can instruct them and teach them what to do and how to do it.
But when it comes down to game time, the coach can do nothing but sit back and hope his players listened and follow his instructions.

How well the players play doesn’t determine how good a coach is.
But it sure can seem like it and give off the wrong impression.

By now, you’ve probably figured out that I’m not just talking about my coach and his team.

I’m talking about my Savior and His team — the ones of us who claim to be His followers.

He gives us instructions as a coach would.
But ultimately, He can’t (well He could – but He won’t) make us do anything.
After He instructs us, it’s up to us to play our game using the instructions He gave us.
And if we don’t – it reflects badly on our Coach.

If you know the Coach, you’ll know it’s not the Coach’s fault that His players are doing badly.
But if you don’t know Him, then it sure looks like He’s not a very good
And besides… Who’s gonna choose to be on a team with a bad coach??

Okay… Maybe I’m rambling.
But just think about it.

Just like the Green Bay Packers represent their coach,
The Christians represent God.

If you google the phrase “Christians are….”
These are the words that are often-searched enough to come up:

Narrow – minded.

Completely the opposite of everything our Coach told us to be.

We [Christians] have done such a bad job of reflecting our Coach, that the world doesn’t want to be on our team anymore.

When we do the things in His playbook (the Bible) —
Be generous.
Be kind.
Be hope.
— the unbelievers will look at us and want what we have.
When we reflect these things well, our Coach is proud of us.
The world will see us and want to be on our team with our Coach.

But when we don’t do these things, we end up being the result of a google-search gone bad.

Maybe… Just maybe… If these are the words the majority of the world relates to Christians, then we aren’t doing what we should.

We are called to make disciples.
But we’ll never make disciples if the world thinks that we have a bad Coach.

I’m probably starting to make no sense… So I’ll end by saying this.

As Christians, we are the team.
Every move we make and every word we say reflects our Coach.

So let’s be extra careful to reflect our Coach well.

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