A little while ago Seventh Day Slumber unveiled the album cover of their new rock album and announced that the record would be entitled We Are The Broken. Now, over the weekend, they have announced via an album promo video that We Are The Broken will be released May 13th, so be sure to check out the promo video below to hear some clips of new songs. This past week frontman Joseph Rojas responded to some questions about We Are The Broken which are also below.

What does the title “We are the Broken” mean?:

“We are the Broken” is a record about people who have been considered broken and worthless, people who have been discarded or didn’t fit the mold, people who have been hurt and felt like they had no hope. It’s about people who have been doubted and even doubted themselves. We go from that definition to those very same people surrendering their lives to Jesus. The same people crying out for him to break them and put them back together in any way he sees fit. Being broken for Christ means free falling into His arms and completely trusting Him.

What is some of the subject matter on this record?:

This record is unique in the fact that most of these songs describe real life issues that our fans are dealing with. We read every message that comes into our Facebook page and respond to just about all of them. We have songs that deal with child abuse, insecurity, cutting, drug abuse, feeling like nobody cares, to songs about trusting Jesus instead of your eyes, as well as feeling liberated in Christ. We read messages and then wrote songs about them. Basically it’s our real life response to some of these messages but in song.

What is some of the inspiration for this record:

We didn’t try to write an overly Christian record and we certainly didn’t focus on writing a record that could go secular. “We are the Broken” is a record that was written from an honest place. It is a compilation of the pain and struggles of our fans. The truth is, music is art and true art comes from within. If Christ is in you and you value His love and what He did on the cross, you don’t have to try and write a Christian song or record, nor do you have to justify why every song doesn’t say Jesus. We prayed for God’s anointing to be on this record, that God would speak to people’s hearts and meet them where they are.

What is the song “Trust in me” about?:

The song “Trust in Me” is a song the deals with anxiety and being unsure of what the future holds. So many things have changed over the years in the music industry. I was really struggling with the question “What’s the next step for SDS, or “What’s the next step for me and my family? While sitting with Jeremy Holderfield (Lead guitarist for SDS) I started to sing about those fears. The lyrics started to change from me worrying about the future to the voice of God speaking to me. I started to feel comforted and at ease. Jeremy and I finished the song and were blown away at how God had spoken to us using a song that started out about our doubts. In a nutshell this song is from the perspective of God not the writer.

What does is mean when you say “We are going back to our roots”?:

We wrote a rock record for our fans as well as those who are lost and in need of a Savior. We’ve been in the Christian music industry for over 14 years and have always tried to be authentic with our music and our lyrics. Unfortunately there have been times where we got caught up in writing songs for our record label, radio, etc. “We are the Broken” was recorded with no restrictions and no expectation from any outside influence. There are songs that are radio friendly and there are songs that would never get radio play. One thing you can be sure of is this record is authentic, and organic.

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