New Video: Za Ya – Just Like You ft. Liquid

Artist: Za Ya
Song/Video: Just Like You
Album: Broadcast EP

Album Details: You can read our review of the EP here.

Song Meaning (from artist): Just like you is a fun quirky song. I had a lot of fun doing that song because after releasing a few songs on my Facebook and SoundCloud people started to view me differently they started to say some stuff that was pretty out there. So that’s where I got that topic from but then it became something so personal. There’s people out there that feel so alone, and I know I myself have felt so alone. I felt that no one goes through what I have to go through but I came to the realization that that’s not true. I was pretty young when I started writing this but now I actually see that I wasn’t alone I wasn’t just the only one that has to go through this, there’s people out there that are hurting like I have. But once it hit me that people hurt like I have, then there must be people out there that don’t know, that there’s people like me out there. So I’ve rewritten the song so many times but the song that’s on the EP is a message of me basically saying “hey! I’m just like you, I have troubles I’ve had bad days, I’ve been rejected by multiple people but I’m just like you. I have bounced back so I know you will too.” It’s so funny because I wanted this to be funny and for it to be liked, but it’s become something bigger than I even imagine. Hopefully people will listen to the whole EP and get where I’m at in my life today.

Za Ya Bio (from website): Za Ya is an 18 year old from California who started rapping at the age of 11. His music is a combination of old school rap, jazz, funk, and hip hop. He has been around the Christian music industry his entire life. His dad is an Audio Engineer allowing Za Ya to learn from a lot of great artists along the way. He has a passion for making music that people can relate to weather they are young or young at heart. Za Ya says, “If you’re living you occupy space and you have mass. You know what that means? You matter.” Making music that has a message and that makes people happy is what he strives to do.

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