The comparison game.
One of the worst games to play.

However, it’s one that my mind is really good at.

I’m constantly comparing myself to others.
My body. My life. My hair. My clothes. Jobs. Cars. Opportunities.

Maybe you’re like me.
Maybe your mind never rests from the constant trying to live up to what you think you have to be to please.
Maybe you try to be better than someone else because you feel inferior to them.

Been there – done that – bought the tee shirt.

It’s something I struggle with.

Seriously… Every day I get up and my mind begins to play the game.
I see someone and I immediately compare myself to them.

“She’s prettier.”
“She’s got a nicer car.”
“She’s skinnier.”

I feel like I’m constantly wishing I was someone else or somewhere else.

And through all that, Jesus is yelling at me to just be content.

To be happy with who I am and where I am and what I have.

But that’s terribly hard to do.

I have a great life… Really, I do.
And God gives me amazing opportunities.

But more often than not, I find myself almost jealous when a door is opened for one of my friends.

I have a friend who was recently on tour with Skillet.
And another who is going around the country leading worship and living my dream.

And I find myself wanting their life.

But you know?
I don’t need their life.
I have mine.

Jesus has an amazing plan for all of our lives.
And the plan He has for my life won’t be the same plan He has for some else’s.

Everyone is different.

What I’m learning is that it’s great to be happy for a friend when a door is opened.
But I can’t wish I was them.

God made me exactly how He wants me.
And He is shaping my life to look exactly how He wants it.

It’s His timing.
And my life is His blank slate to write His story on.

Sure… I’d love to be on tour with Skillet right now.
But that’s not what God has for me.
At least not in this season of my life.

I have to be content and stop wishing I was somewhere else with someone else.

My life is my life.
And your life is your life.

Yours won’t look like mine.
And mine won’t look like yours.

That’s okay.

Because God is working a beautiful masterpiece for all of us.

Stop wanting to be someone else — just be YOU.

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