Caitlin’s Corner: The Heart Of The Matter

Have you ever worried yourself into a stomach ache?
I have.
Yesterday, in fact.

There was something I was stressing out over…. And I literally stressed myself until my stomach hurt so badly that I was doubled over in pain.

Not fun.

But ya know? Every time I start to stress like that, Jesus reminds me of a passage in scripture.

It takes place in Luke 10.

Mary and Martha are having Jesus over as a guest.
And Martha – the worrywart that I can relate to – is busy running around the house making sure everything is clean and right. She has Jesus sitting in her living room…. Yet she wastes her time by pacing around trying to get everything looking nice for Him.
Mary, on the other hand, spends her time sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to Him and being with Him.
Martha gets annoyed and yells at her sister to come help her instead of being lazy.
Then Jesus… Ha. He speaks right to Martha, and all the other worrywarts of the world.
“Martha – you are troubled and busy over many things. But Mary has chosen the better thing. And it will not be taken from her.”

That better thing?
Simply being still and sitting with Him.

Something I definitely need to work on.

I like to remind myself of something when I get crazy busy and stressed.

Caitlin — be a Mary in a world of Martha’s.

But that is one of the hardest things to do.

Life gets crazy. It gets hard. It hurts. It’s busy.
And in those times, I find myself running around and trying to fix everything.
Trying to make everything okay. Things that I can never make okay.
So by doing that, I ultimately drive myself insane.

But I think I’m figuring it out….
Jesus doesn’t want us to do more stuff.
He just wants us.

He wants our time.
He wants our heart.

And the thing He desires of us is for us to put aside everything that weighs so heavily on our minds.
He wants us to stop the constant worry and stress over things we can’t control.

And just sit at His feet and worship Him..

It’s extremely hard to do.
Putting everything that stresses out of your mind and just simply focusing on Him.
Being still and listening for His voice.

Because in that time of being still and knowing that He is God, all other things seem to fade away and become minuscule.

He holds our world in His hands.
And there is nothing we can do to please Him more than simply trusting that’s true.

It comes down to this : the heart of the matter is the heart.
We can choose to have a heart that worries and stresses and never rests.
Or we can choose to have a heart like Mary and spend our precious time by putting away the world and sitting with our Savior.

After all… He gave us our time. Shouldn’t we give it back to Him by using it to simply be still?


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