I went through a country music phase a few years back.
And when I say a “phase,” I mean I was obsessed.

One group I was particularly infatuated with was Rascal Flatts.
Oh, come on… I know I’m not the only one who had a crush on Gary Levox. Right?

Anyway… while road tripping the other day, I put in an old Flatts’ album.
And one lyric that I had completely overlooked when I was in my “phase” jumped out at me….

Let’s do it now and think about it later.”

In the context of the song, the line was talking about a quick marriage.
But, as I began to think about it some more, it hit me.

That’s America’s mindset.

Marriage seems easy.
Divorce proves to be easier.
One night stands look fun.
The alcohol and drugs promise an escape.

We live in a culture where the normal is to do something if it looks good or makes you feel good.
Never mind the consequences.
Forget about the people it could harm.
Don’t pay attention to the after-effects of the action.
If it pleases our flesh, we do it and we never think twice.
We make rash and quick decisions in the spur of the moment that have the power to change our whole life and the lives of the people closest to us.

We truly have the mindset of this lyric.
That we should do it now and think about it later.


Where did we ever come off thinking that was a good idea?
Why in the world would we decide that was the way to go?

That’s it.
We think we have the power to decide when our life is up.

We may not say it. But when we make these hasty judgement calls to do something and think it over later, we’re basically saying that we know it’s a dumb thing to do, but we don’t care because we have plenty of time to get it right.

Once again…. NO.

Have you ever heard someone say that they know they’re living wrong, but they’ll “get right with The Lord later”?

Here’s the problem with that statement.
In fact, here’s the problem with later —

It may never come.

I may not finish typing this post.
You may not finish reading it.

Not really.

I would know.
I’ve seen one too many lives end suddenly and without any warning.

One of my best friends was 16 and playing basketball one night when he had a heart attack and died.

He was a Christian. A strong Christian.
So we know that he’s in Heaven right now with our Savior.
But what would have happened if he had decided to live like the world, making rash and stupid decisions, and then think about it later?
The case would be much different.

This is the story that hits closest to my heart because it’s all too personal and it changed the way I live my everyday life.
But how many others have you and I heard about?
Kids… Teens… Adults….
All thinking they have every second of time in the world.
But in the blink of an eye, their life is gone.

Some who made the right choice.
Yet others who thought they’d just get it right later.

That’s the problem with later.
It’s never guaranteed.

The Bible says that life is a vapor.
And that no one knows their time to die.

So why do so many live as though they can control it?

The truth?
There is nothing – no amount of possessions or money, no accomplishments, no connections, no good deeds – nothing that can give you more time here on earth.

When God decides it’s our time to leave, that’s that.
We can’t reverse His decision or beg for more time.
When He’s ready, all we have is what we did with the time we were here.
There’s no chance to come back and do it over again.

We have to live every day like it’s our last.
Because it very well could be.

I’m not trying to scare you.
And I’m not trying to depress you.
But the reality is this – you are not promised tomorrow.
Not even your next breath is certain.

We could be called Home any minute.
So shouldn’t we live ready to go?

“I’m sure if I die before I ask for forgiveness. God will give me a second chance. I mean, after all, He’s a loving and merciful God, right?”

Yes, He’s loving.
And yes, He’s merciful.
That’s why He gives us second chances. And third. And fourth. And fifth….

But when you leave this earth, it’s over.

“What about my second chance? I thought He offered second chances!”

He does.
And this is yours.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re breathing.
Your heart is beating and your lungs are pumping.
You’re alive.

And as long as you’re alive, so is your second chance.

You know the truth. You know that Jesus loves you and that your life is short.
You know that at any minute, your time could be up.

So why do you continue to play Russian Roulette with your eternity?
Why do you go on living like hell and still expecting to gain Heaven?

Are we scared of losing something if we give our lives to Jesus?
Are we scared we’ll miss out on some fun or good times?
News flash :: life with Jesus is WAY more fun, exciting, and thrilling than anything the world offers.

Take it from somebody who thus far has, and has heard many stories of people who haven’t – it’s better to live for Jesus while you’re young.
It’s better to serve Him with your whole heart as long as you can.

I’ve been raised in church and have served The Lord for as long as I can remember… And I’ve never felt like I missed out on anything by being the “good girl.”
I never regretted giving my life to Jesus at a young age.
I never wished I could smoke or drink or go out with multiple guys and do whatever I wanted.
Not once have I ever thought, “man….this whole Jesus thing is boring! I should just give it up and go live how I want and try it again when I’m older and have nothing left to do in life.”

Because that’s a false hope.
Some people may have a deathbed and one last chance to get it right.
But many others never get that chance.
And you don’t know which group you’ll be in.
So why play with your life that way?

Wouldn’t you rather be sure NOW?
Wouldn’t you rather know for sure that if your life ended right this very minute, that you’re safe and secure in Heaven?

The problem with later is that it’s not promised.

So I’ll end by asking you the very same questions that I asked myself when my friend died and changed my life.

What if there was no later?
What if your time was up right now?
Would you be satisfied with what you had done with the time you had?
Or would you regret it and wish you had done something differently?

Our life is like a vapor – here today and gone tomorrow.
So are you ready?


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