I welcome you all to the month of love in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that by the time this month ends, we would all get a deeper and divine understanding of what love really is and what it takes to love God and man.

Everyone must have a personal definition of what love is but the only one which encompasses every little detail is what the Bible tells us about love. What does it say love is?

God is love – 1 John 4:8.

This means, to know and fully understand love, you must know God for who He is for yourself; not just what someone might have told you what He is, but your personal testimony of who He is to you.

Most people in this time of year are brainstorming of what to get for their special ones, not just any gift, but something of value-of which its meaning and memory would be cherished till the end of the year.  Couples seize the opportunity of this season to tell their partners and spouses of how they appreciate them staying by their side all this time and to prove to them that it was a step well taken.

The same way, we as Christians can use this love-centered month as a special time to show God how much He means to us and appreciate Him for loving us first and that much enough to sacrifice His Son so we may not perish in eternal damnation.

Whatever it may be, whether a special offering or fast, an act of love and care to the needy, or a conscious effort to help out more in the church or wherever, be it charity or voluntary work, let’s make God pleased this month. Let Him recognize that we appreciate all that He has done for us and the endless love He showers on us.

He who loves not does not know God for God is love.

Let’s make people believe we are of God this month by our acts of love.

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