My cat does this thing…..

When everyone leaves the house – or at least when she thinks everyone has left the house – she starts to meow. And I don’t just mean a normal meow. Like a whine.

Have you ever heard a cat whine? It’s kind of unsettling.
They just sit there and make noise. Constantly.

And the only thing you can do, if you happen to be the one in the house when she thinks nobody’s left, is tell her that it’s okay and you’re still here.

So today, when my parents left me at the house, she thought everyone was gone. And she started her whining routine.
As soon as the door closed, she started to pace the hallway and meow.

But you know what got her quiet? When I yelled from behind the closed door of my room that I was still here, she wasn’t alone, and it was okay.
And she was quiet. Just like that.
All she wanted was to know she wasn’t alone.

Silly for a cat? Maybe.
But God’s using that cat to teach me something.

We are the exact same way with God.

When we think He’s left us alone, we start whining.
Maybe it’s not a meow… But boy oh boy, do we whine.

We get in a tough spot and start to think maybe He’s not with us anymore…
And so we pace and yell.

We worry and we ask God where He is.

When the truth still stands that He’s right where He always has been. Right beside us, guiding our steps and holding us together.

He has never left us for one single second. And He never will.

So why does it feel like it sometimes?

Well… Because He promised that in life we will have trials and troubles.
And there will be days that we won’t feel Him as strongly, or even at all.
We might feel separated, disconnected, or in a whole other country.

It happens. It’s life.

Seasons change… Bad and good.
And in these times, God can feel so far away.
And we feel like He’s left.
We start to wonder where He is.

But He’s never left.
He was never gone.

Meanwhile, in the times that we feel alone, He’s not afraid of our questions.
He won’t back down when we’re upset that we don’t feel Him as strongly as we once did.

It’s been said that the Teacher is always quiet during the test.

So when we go through the tests of life and we start to feel like He’s left us, remember — He’s never left. He is still here. Waiting for us to draw closer to Him.

He’s here.
Never gone.

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