Peace Mercutio Takes On The World With Their New “You vs The World” EP

Review Date: 1/31/14
Review By: Topher P.
Release Date: 02/04/14
Rating: 4/5

Anytime a band describes their sound as a hybrid of pop-punk and alternative rock, or even mentions the two genres together in the same breath, there is always the chance that they’re on to something. The issue though is that quite often these bands just don’t meet the expectations; they seem to fall short every time. Another potential problem is that, while they may have the talent, they happen to be overshadowed by other acts. Such is the dilemma with Peace Mercutio, the alt.-rockers from Seattle, Washington, who seem to have flown under the radar quite a bit, at least until now. Having toured with the likes of Emery and Wolves at the Gate, it’s slightly surprising that the dual-fronted group hasn’t been discovered by a record label or even by that many noteworthy radio stations across the country. They are destined to change this though with the release of their new EP, You vs The World.

The EP begins with “(And That’s How) Good Charlotte (Got Famous),” which was released at the beginning of last year as a promotional single in anticipation of the EP. The opener has a relatively odd title but is a good song overall. Instrumentally the guys show off their talent, with a groovy bassline, a repetitive but catchy guitar riff, and stellar drumming. On top of all that, Andy Lundman’s harmonies only add to the greatness of the song. “…Good Charlotte…” fits well as a single, and could have gotten quite a bit of radio play with enough exposure.

Credit Card” is the next song and starts off with a foot-stomping intro before the vocals come in. The verses have a solid pop-punk feel to them due to Andy’s style of singing, and the chorus soars with his impressive vocals, in addition to other singer Dan Buckley’s lead vocal-line.. Throughout the entire song there is stellar instrumentation, thanks in part to the infectious groove laid down by the rhythm section, but the bridge is what makes it so outstanding. The drummer kicks into a fun little snare pattern while the rest of the instruments ease up momentarily as the vocals echo the band’s best wishes to the listener, singing “so good luck to you.” As soon as everyone else joins back in, it is made known that “it’s over now,” before they go through the chorus one final time.

So Desperate” is the last full song on the EP and is a bit more alternative than the first two. “So Desperate” is, in essence, a love song. While the lyricism isn’t nearly as intriguing as the others, instrumentally the guys once again prove that they have what it takes to be the next big thing in the alternative rock music scene.

As soon as “So Desperate” comes to a close, the music fades out and then back in on the outro. The outro is another phenomenally-written tune musically. In fact, it’s so well-written that it sounds like they could have possibly developed it more, added some lyrics, and turned it into the last full song. Instead though they decide to let the music speak for itself, and as a result they finish the EP with a bang.

The only problem with You vs The World is that it’s just too short. Practically as soon as the listener can start getting into it, the EP is over. Granted, this is an EP, but even many EP’s are anywhere between 5 and 8 tracks. Hopefully it is just a tease of what’s to come from the group in the near future, kind of like what Love & Death did almost two years ago with their Chemicals EP when it first released. Despite its length, Peace Mercutio’s EP is full of solid songwriting and musicianship, alongside seamless vocal transitions between the “dynamic duo” of Andy Lundman and Dan Buckley, and is sure to leave the listener longing to hear more. Be on the lookout for more to come from the Washington natives, because they will almost definitely start gaining some much-deserved recognition after the release of You vs The World.

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