Reconstruction Volume 2.1 David Thulin

David Thulin Continues To Revamp With “Reconstruction Vol. 2.1”

Review Date: 1/28/14
Review By: Angel Journey
Release Date: 01/07/14
Rating: 4/5

Cue the laser lights, the fog machine and, most importantly, the glow sticks. Following last April’s dance-tastic Reconstruction, David Thulin recently delivered Reconstruction Volume 2.1 and even though he has been busy maintaining his weekly DJ show “The Reconstruction,” producing Press Play’s #LITO, and having a remix featured on Colton Dixon’s A Messenger: Expanded Edition, Thulin still made time for putting together the remixes for this bangin’ EP. Featuring great artists and powerfully uplifting tracks, this album is mightily impressive.

Kicking off the album is an original track “Light in Me,” featuring Press Play’s Nicole Croteau. As any opener should, it does a really good job of setting the tone for the rest of the EP, using melodic synths galore to help elevate you into a marvelous trance. As Croteau beautifully belts the vocals, the lyrics instill a confidence upon the listener that no matter what happens, God’s light is always in us, waiting to shine out into the world, “Even if the darkness comes, a part of you still shine on.”

The next track is a remix from David’s brother, Jonathan Thulin, off his album The White Room. The original rendition of “Architecture” is a gorgeous ballad that displays a great passion to know God deeper, “There are a million mountains that I’d like to climb, to get a glimpse of the heart of your design.” Mixing the original with some bright synths and a steady bass beat, Thulin transforms the track into a contagious electro tune which is sure to get many up on their feet.

Love Audio” is originally from Press Play‘s album #LITO, and it’s a celebration of how God’s love can make all our worries disappear. This is a really fun track as it pits dubhead Matthew Parker against trance enthusiast Thulin as they go back and forth throughout the remix. It you’re one for the wobbles and erratic synth melodies, this track will pump you up!

Next up is a remix of “Beautiful Love,” from the album Dreamers by Shine Bright Baby. The track is a joyous reflection upon how God’s love takes us in, no matter what our pasts may be; a sentiment which is echoed beautifully through the lyrics, “You’re not looking at where I’ve been, you’re not looking at what I’ve done, you’re taking me as I am.” Converting it into an EDM banger, Thulin throws in a heavy bass, glitchy vocals, and electrifying synths to create a whole new listening experience.

In Crowd” is the latest single from Rapture Ruckus, and features Soul Glow Activatur, formerly of Family Force 5. Thulin takes the pop anthem and injects it with energizing melodies and a beefy bass rhythm, turning into an even more powerful piece about not being afraid to stand out from the crowd and being strong in who you are.

Rounding out the EP in strong fashion is “This is Love,” from Natalie Grant’s album Hurricane. It’s a beautifully encouraging track that embraces the mission of Jesus, to “let our lives be living proof” of His Love, “If there’s despair, breath in the peace, help heal the wounds of another.” Thulin’s early electro substance was ATB and Tiesto, and it really shines through throughout this track as the breakdown transports you to an open field, where you are surrounded by thousands, all jumping in delighted ecstasy.

It’s always great when an artist takes what makes a previous album good, builds upon it, and makes the next album great. Thulin has brilliantly chosen to release albums with fewer tracks so that the remixes are as fresh as possible. Reconstruction was a good album, but Volume 2.1 is even better and I can’t wait for Volume 2.2, which is set for release sometime this fall. Make sure to grab a copy of this hope-infecting record so you can join in on the fist pumping, God praising, electro loving good time.

You can check out David Thulin talking about the making of Reconstruction Vol. 2.1 below, as well as hear the first single “Light In Me” featuring Nicole Croteau.

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Bonus remix news from David Thulin’s label Dream Records:

Sumerlin’s new album comes out February 4th, but they currently have the vocal stems for ALL OF THE TRACKS available for remix, FOR FREE. They will be accepting entries until midnight the day the album releases. For more info, click here.

Loftland also has a new album set for release February 18th, and starting February 11th they will provide the vocal stem for their single “Hold on, Small One.” Click here for more info.

About Dream Records:
DREAM was founded in 2008 to provide artists with a genuine approach to how real artist development should be done. By allowing for a partnership as a business model, Dream’s artists empower themselves to develop and carry out a real vision for their lives as they affect other people’s lives with their music and message. Incorporating social media, press, radio and touring it’s allowing it’s artists grow together as a family.

About David Thulin:
Originally signing with Dream Records in 2011, David Thulin brings Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to the Christian world through an eclectic mix of progressive, breakbeats, trance, house, electro and dubstep. Bringing a positive alternative to today’s remix artists, David broke out after he remixed “Three Little Words” by Press Play and later started remixing tracks by Group 1 Crew, Manic Drive, Beckah Shae and many more. Now, Thulin is leading the charge of artists, DJs and producers to bring a newer style to the Christian genre. Partnering with NewReleaseTuesday and DREAM Records, David hosts, “The Reconstruction,” a one hour EDM show syndicated to close to 100 plus radio outlets. Working fulltime as a producer for 3 studios, David keeps busy and gives all glory back to God. ”I give all glory to God for the success of this genre, and I hope that it will touch many people as they listen” – David Thulin