Caitlin’s Corner: Change


I don’t know about you, but the very thought of this word makes me cringe.

I hate change.

I love the comfort zone. I absolutely love it.
I get in a place…. And I learn to love it.
So when the ugly c word rears its head, I get scared.
Because when you’re happy and safe and comfortable, why would you want to move?

But I’m in a season where God’s teaching (or trying to teach me — I’m stubborn) a lot of things.
And one of those things is that change is necessary to growth.

There’s this quote by a favorite pastor of mine… Rick Warren… And it goes like this,
There is no growth without change.
There is no change without loss.
There is no loss without grief.
There is no grief without pain.”

Rick just recently lost his son…. If anyone, he would know about grief, loss, pain, and change.

There’s something to all that.
Pain, grief, and loss all have to be present to equal change.

And if change is necessary to growth, then that means that we’ll never grow without pain.

Something God is showing me is that He takes us through different seasons in life.
And those seasons involve lots of change.
Some seasons are wonderful and we don’t mind the change.
But others are horrible and we hate to even think about the change.

So what do we do?

Well maybe you’re like me. And you’re facing down a change in your life — a big change.
And you know that this change, no matter how hard it will be, is vitally important to your life.
How do we handle this?

Well what I’m learning to do is this….

Trust God in every season.
No matter where we are, God is still right beside us.
He has never left us on our own and He never will.

Through every change, God stays the same.

We can trust Him.
He has our best interest in mind.
Even when it hurts, we can know that He works all things together for good.

So our hope lies in this — even through the change, He’s still good.
It’s okay to embrace change.
We’ll never grow without it.

Even though it hurts like crazy at times, God uses our change to bring about some of the best moments in our life.
Trust Him.

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