Finding Iris’ New SIngle “Far Away” Is Near

Recently, I heard about a band called Finding Iris and I listened to their new single, “Far Away.” By the end of the song, the band had gained a new fan! I really enjoyed their work on this song and can’t wait to hear it on the radio when it goes for adds at the start of February. An acoustic version of the single is also available on YouTube, which I thought was really cool too!

This song is about those times when you feel so far away, and so distant from God that you don’t think you could ever get back. It’s about those times when your past addictions, mistakes, and struggles come back and haunt you and try to win you over again. The lyrics echo a place that we’ve all been at times throughout our lives and really strike home through the emotion provoking lyrics,

“I’m so far away, I don’t know what to do
I’m so far away, I can’t find You
I can’t escape
I’m captivated by the things I’ve crucified
This far away I’m so cold
Ignite a flame inside my bones
This far away I’m so cold
Ignite a flame inside my bones”

But it’s also about the fact that there is always hope, even when everything good seems to have diminished from your life. It’s a reminder that, in God, we have an anchor of hope, no matter how dark it all seems.

The band has an interesting story as well. Cody Hunter and his brother Will have been playing music with their friend Justin Ratliff for a long time. Long enough that they were noticed by a 3-time Dove Award winner, Travis Wyrick. Travis has worked with some really cool bands and helped Finding Iris reach their dreams too. Their album released this summer and they’re continuing to relate to other people’s lives through music, while earning their spot in the industry. In my opinion, they’re doing a very good job!

This song is great! Not only is it relatable but it’s also a great rock song. You’ve really got to hear what I’m talking about so check it out below and make sure you keep your ears peeled, as “Far Away” is going for adds at radio stations across the country at the start of February. I highly recommend you check out more music from Finding Iris as well so be sure to stop by their YouTube channel and check them out! You should also buy We The Moon which is the album “Far Away” is from and you can do so here.

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