Caitlin’s Corner: The Huddle

Most of you went to church last Sunday.

And most of you probably watched the playoffs afterwards.

Bet you didn’t know there was a connection, huh?

At Winterfest this year, Jefferson Bethke taught us a profound principle that has changed my mindset for the better.

Life is a football game.

Church – Sunday mornings, services, retreats, conferences, concerts – is the huddle.

Today, most of us were in the huddle. Powerful, worship-filled services that refresh our Spirits and give us the boost we need to make it through the week.

But tomorrow?
Tomorrow the game begins again.
The Monday – Saturday game of winning souls for Jesus and being the Light in the darkness.

This past Thursday, I was blessed to spend my night at a women’s conference with worship by Natalie Grant — a night that was a blessing to my soul and the refreshing my weary-from-the-weight-of-the-world heart so desperately needed.

But you know? That refreshing huddle does absolutely no good if I don’t come back and spread it around.

The huddle was meant to get us ready to play the game. It was created for when the players get lost, confused, or need a break. To remind them of the plays and what the objective of the game is.

That’s church for us.
And we all need it.
All of us, no matter how strong in the faith we are, need a refresher. We all need that time to step away from life’s madness and refocus our eyes on the Reason we live.

But if we come away from that time and never share the love of Christ, never be the Light, never do the things He calls us to do, what’s the point??

We are revived to be a part of a bigger revival.
We are refreshed to refresh others.
We are encouraged to be an encouragement to the people around us.

The reason God gives us the huddle is not for us.
It is for us to give to others.

The reason we’re alive is not to bask in our own glory.
It is to point people to the One who deserves the praise.

We are not breathing for ourselves.
We are breathing to lead others to the Breath of Life.

Newflash :: it’s not now, nor will it ever be, about us.

The huddle gets us pumped up to play the rest of the game. It reminds us of our goal.

So today, have your huddle. Read, pray, study. Whatever you do on your huddle day.

But remember – tomorrow you have to get back in the game.
Whatever your game is… work, school, or just in your home…
You’ve been refreshed. Now go spread it around.
Be the Light. Be the Love. Be the Change.
Be the Hope this dying world so desperately needs to see.

Huddles are great.
But never forget their purpose is to prepare us for playing the game of life.

So go — play your game.