Gospel Rewind 01/23/2014: Hezekiah Walker – Grateful

Artist: Hezekiah Walker
Track: Grateful
Album: 20/85 The Experience

From Bishop Hezekiah Walker’s album 20/85 The Experience, “Grateful” is a song to the Lord that expresses gratitude for His presence and what He has done. Gratefulness truly does just flow from this classic song.

Choir led, Grateful is beautifully put together. It’s a song of worship that brings you to that place where you and the Lord can just be. It brings you to that place where you can appreciate the Lord for all He is.
Along with the atmosphere of the congregation and the keys that play throughout, Hezekiah Walker leads us on a journey of anointing with this song. As you sing along with the choir you are able to say “yes, Lord, I’m grateful… so grateful just to praise You.” With the choir’s unity and the power of the words, Hezekiah Walker is able to lead us into a time of deep praise and worship. No, this isn’t the most wordy of songs and nor should it be. The lyrics say it all:
I’m grateful, grateful, so grateful just to praise you Lord,
Flowing from my heart are the issues of my heart;
It’s Gratefulness.

Today I lift my hands and say that I am grateful for things that YOU have done in my life this past week. I’m grateful Lord for the victories that we have won; that You have won. So wonderful are these things; so thankful am I that I could go on and on about Your wondrous works.
The Lord has truly blessed me this week and I can’t stop praising His name.
What has He done for you lately?
Hezekiah Walker truly produced a blessing in this song and to this day it remains a blessing to those who hear it.
May the issues of your heart flow out as you show your appreciation to the Lord.

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The next Gospel Rewind will be published at the same time next week! May you be blessed.

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