Today marks the official launch of our YouTube channel and what better day to do that than on MLK Day! Where possible, every video that is uploaded to our YouTube channel will be accompanied by a small artist fact file (like the one below) so you can get to know each artist a little bit better and find out about any recently released or upcoming projects etc all in one place.



Artist: A. Smith and Doc Hero
Song/Video: American Church
Album: American Church – available for free download from TODAY here


Artist: A. Smith and Doc Hero
Song/Video: Medieval Era
Album: American Church – available for free download from TODAY here


Album Details: American Church is sponsored by Stand Out In A Crowd Inc. which is a non-profit that promotes positive role models. You can help support the cause by making a donation at


A.Smith A.K.A. “The DreamR” Bio (from website): A. Smith, a singer for 18 years and a rapper for 11, brings a refreshing sound to the music industry. Born and raised in the church, A. Smith always had a desire to spread his thoughts and ideas around the world and was finally given the opportunity to do so when he became a partner in what was formerly known as Heaven’s Finest, in 2001. For seven years he and his former partner made Kingdom music and even released an album, which A. Smith never thought he’d be able to do. After the many concerts, speaking engagements, and conferences, the partnership ended only to allow the movement known as The DreamR to begin.A. Smith started his solo career with nothing but his constant hopes and dreams to change the world with his music. In November of 2011, this singer, song-writer, rapper, and DreamR released his first solo mixtape: The DreamR, Vision 1, a second project: The DreamR Lucid Dreams released on itunes, google play etc., and has just released the third project: The DreamR Vision 2. He is now traveling locally and across the states to share his gift with the masses. He intends to have his music impact all genres and cultures, all social groups and all ethnic backgrounds. The DreamR movement encourages all those who have visions to never give up on what they know they can achieve. A. Smith is currently working on his new album and hopes that his music and life encourages the hearts and minds of all those who come in contact with him. So when you see him, don’t forget to throw your D’s up!


Doc Hero Bio (from website): Getting his start from the christian hip-hop group LOST AND FOUND, Doc Hero is on a mission to save the lives of the lost and wayward. Powered by the gospel of Jesus Christ, Doc Hero is “showing the youth how to praise; and to provide them with the roadmap to heaven [Jesus Christ].”

Sharing the stage with such artists as Tye Tribbet, Prayz1, TWise, and Tia Pittman, Doc Hero has an electrifying energy that rocks the crowds and a ministry boldness that shows his enthusiasm about God’s Word to the masses. Undefined, out the box, and uniquely powerful Doc Hero will soon be releasing his much anticipated debut CD, “The World Needs a Hero”.

Doc Hero is looking to share his gift with the world. He knows that he is going to “fly one day with the King” and wants to make sure that he can give as many people as he can the same opportunity.


American Church is available for free download NOW so be sure to pick up this hot new CHH release from

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Ground Zero | Faith Over Fear

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