In the beginning God…

We all have a story. Every day we live is like a new page in a memoir. We can decide to tell it our own way or we can leave it in the hands of the Author of our faith and the Creator of the universe.

Life, like a maze, is meant to be unpredictable so we wouldn’t have to think that we have got all the answers. Because the truth is, we don’t.

Just as God created the world and everything in it, He also created your story right from the foundation of the earth. You just happen to be walking on the path laid out for you.

Things in our current situation might be going the wrong way but if you really know whom you have believed in and have an unshaken faith that He who has called you, will keep you to your perfect end, you will not waste time trying so hard to steer your own life hard in another direction.

Sometimes we tend to forget who really is in charge of our lives-the One who decides to take or spare our lives. We are driven to believe that what we become in this life is totally up to us. The same way we cannot understand all the idiosyncrasies of an appliance better than the manufacturer, so is it with our lives and that of our Creator. Only He knows our end from the beginning and when we are struggling to figure out what lies ahead of us, God knows exactly where He’s leading us to. If only we would trust Him…

So whenever you find your life to be a mess, a web so entangled that there is no humanly possible way to straighten things, always remember that the God who created the world out of nothing is the One holding you in His hands.

The road to your destiny might be bumpy on the way but you are sure to get there on time and well prepared to enjoy the blessings laid out for you.

So whenever you’re stuck in the middle of the road, always remember, in the beginning God…

About The Author

Josephine Amoako is a contributor and a lover of Christian music from Ghana. She's an enthusiastic writer of stories, Christian and inspirational articles and poems. She's also a graduate of the University of Ghana, where she read French and Psychology. She has dreams of becoming a script/screenwriter in the future and has a burning desire to share her talent with the whole world.

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  1. Harry Tetteh

    Most often, we don’t know God is all we need, until God is all we have. Thanks for sharing Jo!


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