“…..waist size is a waste of time.” –Jarrid Wilson

It’s getting closer to prom time.
So that means it’s time for dress shopping.

It’s a cruel time for teenage girls.
It’s a time for crash diets, starving yourself, and endless trips to the scale.
Grueling trips to the scale.

It’s a time of immense pressure from the world telling us we need to be smaller to be more attractive.

Oh… it’s also a time of countless hours spent in front of the mirror wondering if you’ll fit into that dress.

Girls are, in general, self conscious of their weight.
But tell us we have to fit into a cute dress and go out in front of our friends and dates?
We go into overdrive.
We shut down.
And we tell ourselves we have to lose weight.
We tell ourselves we have to do whatever we can to look better.

How do I know?
I’ve been there.

Last year was my first prom and I wanted to look amazing.
So I went all out.
I got my hair done.
I wore buckets of makeup.
I got my nails done.
I even got a spray tan.
All in the attempts of looking good.

And you know the hilarious part?
I look back at the pictures now and think I looked horrible.

I hated my nails.
I wore too much makeup.
And don’t even get me started on the spray tan…. oh my goodness it was atrocious.
Not to mention the money I/my parents spent on all that stuff.

I wish I had never done it.

(That’s probably Jesus sending me a message that I don’t need to do all that stuff to my body because I’m already good enough the way He made me. It’s funny because the things I did to look better ended up being the things that made me look horrible. I had too much other stuff and not enough of natural me.)

If I’m blatantly honestly, every time someone says something about my weight or even hints at it, I go on a “diet.”
It lasts for about a week. Sometimes not even that long.

And why do I do that?

Well… I could say I want to lose weight. Plain and simple.

But if I search my heart, I find the answer goes far deeper.

I don’t like my body. I don’t love what I see when I look in the mirror.

And the truth goes farther on when we admit that I’m not the only one and most girls probably don’t either.

In fact, I don’t know of one person who honestly loves every part of their body.

Everyone has something about themselves they wanna change.

Maybe it’s their face. Or legs. Or arms. Or stomach.

But the point is…. most of us aren’t satisfied with how God made us.

Not to say that we shouldn’t take care of our bodies. We definitely should.
The Bible says that our bodies are the temple of God and we should treat them like such.
We should exercise and eat right and care about our health.

But we take it overboard sometimes.

God never intended us to crash diet to fit into a size 0 prom dress.

God loves us no matter the waist size.
Honestly, worrying about the waist size is a waste of time.

We should be healthy,  yes.
But healthy doesn’t always mean being skinny.
And you won’t always fit into a small dress size.
Every body type is different. And we aren’t all tiny. It’s a fact of life.

So why do we fight so hard to be small?

Well, for me, it’s because I’m self conscious about my body. I don’t like it, therefore I think nobody else does.
It’s nobody’s fault but my own.

But my hope lies in this —
No matter my size, Jesus still loves me.

Never in His words did He tell us the “perfect size” to be.
I wonder why?
What if He just wants us to know that no matter how we think of ourselves, He sees us one way —

I wonder how much easier life would be on our minds if we starting looking at ourselves through His eyes.

He doesn’t care what the number on the scale says… because we’re much more than that.

We are His.

So let’s stop the comparison game and love ourselves. Just the way we are.
It’s something we’ll be learning to do until we leave this earth.
But life is bound to be easier when we put away the stupid & dangerous diets and quit obsessing over the small prom dress sizes.

It’s not worth it.

We are His and He loves us for us. Not how skinny we are.
That’s always enough.

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