Elevation Worship Declare That God Is The “Only King Forever” With New Album

I truly love worship music because it’s the only type of music I can turn on and automatically feel Jesus in the room. I’m really excited about the new album by Elevation church. The church has grown, both in the U.S. and in Canada, with several locations around Charlotte, NC. I love that these songs are written about the church’s journey, experience, and needs. That’s quite admirable!

This album, entitled Only King Forever, from Elevation Worship features many unique guests who helped write the songs. Among them are Matt Redman, Israel Houghton, and Jason Ingram. All are superb songwriters, and didn’t disappoint.

The first two songs of fit together as far as themes- the first saying that Jesus is the most worthy, Almighty and only God- while the second talks about how we win in the end, and Jesus will get all of the glory. They are extremely uplifting, and hearing them enhanced my outlook on my busy and upcoming week.

“I Will Look Up” is the third song, and one of my favorite worship songs ever. Just listen to the chorus:
I will look up for there is none above you, I will bow down to tell you that I need You, Jesus Lord of all, Jesus Lord of all.
What a complete breath of fresh air to hear these words- there truly is no one else we need but Jesus. We can come to Him for ANYTHING! He is our best “best-friend” ever! I love, love, LOVE it!

In the song “Glorious Praise,” they talk a bit about Ephesians 1:5, which says that we have been adopted through Jesus. I love that it was a part of the intro, because it is something so worthy of worshiping Jesus for. The song not only has a great theme, but it also has great lyrics- and the spirit in the song is massive- you can feel the joy as you listen.

The next song completely fits with some of the themes above. It’s called “The Love of Jesus.” These lyrics completely blew me away:
Perfect Lamb that was slain, Once for all to redeem, Perfect love took our place, Now forever we’ll sing, Holy is the Lord almighty, Oh the love of Jesus, Oh the love of Jesus, Oh the love of Jesus, Is enough for me.
How beautiful. This song will breathe life and grace into you- believe me! Check it out, you won’t be sorry- it’s more than worth the investment!

Among the next songs is the theme of Jesus having the last word – when we doubt things, or fear them – and He will silence all doubts and fears.

A repeated theme of Jesus being a mighty warrior who defends us is throughout the album, and the song “Mighty Warrior” is a song of comfort as far as that topic goes.

“I Will Sing” was particularly appealing to me because I love to sing, and the lyrics only confirmed my assumption that I’d like this one. Grace, Jesus, the cross, and singing- all in one song – good stuff!

My final “favorite” off this album was the song “Great and Mighty King.” It’s catchy, and I fell in love with these lyrics. What a good thing to have stuck in your head – the reminder of God’s love and really, Him in general!

I highly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys a good worship album. These songs are going to be played in all kinds of churches, as they should be. I will have this on repeat for the next few days. It’s a great album – go check it out!

You can check out the live video for Only King Forever and the album trailer below.

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