Allistair’s New Single Is More Than “Just A Little Bit” Infectious

Allistair‘s latest track has been delivered through a fun and funky lyric video. With charming pop melodies, playful lyrics, and contagious beats, “Just A Little Bit” is extremely infectious.

Mellow guitar strumming ushers in the track, and the gentle vibes are maintained throughout the first verse. The energy then starts to build in the pre-chorus, as high synths couple with rolling snares before the compelling four-on-the-floor beat drops with the chorus, and keeping the steam going right through are some funky guitar grooves. Into verse two and the gentle vibes return alongside a steady beat and calming synths. The pre-chorus again warms things up and then we are right back into the invigorating chorus rhythms. As the bass heartbeat keeps steady into the bridge, soothing keys are soon joined by power ballad guitar riffs which are reminiscent of popular 80’s pop music and is sure to get many a listener up and dancing along, if they’re not already! The track then escalates back into infective synths and energizing pulses and, after one last rendition of the pre-chorus, a potent beat breakdown solidly closes out the track.

This piece expresses feelings one might have when they are distanced from a loved one, but instead of taking it down melancholy lane, the lyrics keep with the sprightly melodies and cultivate a sense of hopeful expectancy, “I’m driving through the night, cause you’re waiting on the other end.” Adding another dimension to the jovial motif, the lyric video accentuates colorfully neon lyrics, a tropical backdrop, and kaleidoscope effects. “Just A Little Bit” is a great way to kick off 2014, and let’s hope there is more to come from Allistair in the very near future.

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Allistair came about in 2011 and released his first EP last May, Feed The White Dog Love. He has performed at Creation Festival and Purple Door Festival, playing alongside acts such as The Almost, Emery, Hawk Nelson, Chris Tomlin, House of Heroes, and others.

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