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Natalie Grant Whips Up A “Hurricane” With Recent Album

Natalie Grant is an inspiration to many, and her lovely voice and shining heart are always put very deep into all of her music. She released her new album, Hurricane, last October, and it blew everyone away! (Pun intended)

I had the privilege of hearing most of her songs on this album live before it came out, and I know for a fact she poured her whole heart out into this whole project. She has 10 tracks on this album, and I love every single one of them.

She shared with me the inspiration for her 5th track, “Burn Bright.” She said that she was going through a whole lot of hard things in her life, and one day she got a call from her sister that hurt her heart. She said that her nephew had started using the deadly and addicting drug called heroin. No one would have expected this from this teenager – he was at church every week, a popular Christian guy at school, and he had been learning Bible verses by heart ever since he was 4 years old! She said she wrote this song for him because this is exactly what she wanted to say to him in the midst of this. By the grace of God, he has gotten off those drugs, and went through all kinds of rehab. He’s doing so much better now!

The first, 6th, and 8th track are more upbeat and the kinds of songs that make you want to get up and dance! I love all of these! The balance of these songs, going from the sad song to the upbeat song, is spot on! This is something I really love about this album!

Now, for the tearjerkers.. “Burn Bright” is something that hits home for me so I always tear up when I hear it. You’ll probably cry like I did the first few times you hear it, but those tears are nothing compared to track 9, “When I Leave The Room.” Grab a box of tissues before you hear this one, folks!

“When I Leave The Room” has a great story behind it as well. Nichole Nordemann is one of Natalie’s inspirations, and Natalie traveled with her three girls and Nicole last year on tour. Nicole noticed how they had such an unbreakable bond. She sent Natalie a song she wrote for her and her girls, and Natalie just cried and cried. She said she showed it to her husband, Bernie, and they wept together. They put it to music and then boom – track 9! It’s all about a mother and her kids and the journey they will have as they grow up together. It’s beautiful!

Gary Levox from Rascal Flatts is on a song in here too – “Born To Be.” Take a listen to this duet. It’s simply amazing. This message makes my heart smile. Gary’s voice is amazing, and the harmonizing between him and Natalie is beautiful! Being a teenager, this really appeals to me because most teenagers are still trying to figure out what they are born to be.

Finally, we get to the last song, my favorite – “In The End.” This song is a whole lot of banjo playing and just a fun song about how, though it’s tough right now, just remember that we win in the end. I love how you listen to this and it takes a bad moment and makes it into a great one. I have had it stuck in my head since she sung it a few weeks ago for me. It’s magnificent! Everyone will love it!

This album is great, and Natalie is just amazing in general. Everyone should definitely get this album. It makes the car rides fun for the family, and this journey you go through throughout the album is unbelievable! You will smile, cry, and dance! Super proud of Natalie’s work on here, and I’m praying people love it as much as I do!

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