Hard to believe it’s already 2014, right? With a new year comes new laughs, new tears, new ideas, new friendships, and new choices. My first choice of the year happened to be an important, yet childish-sounding one. I had to ask myself, “Maddy, are you going to make this a good year or a bad one?”

2013 was a great year and quite possibly my best year yet. I keep a journal constantly, and reading through it I realized something. I realized I took on new challenges, new fears, and new problems. But I also realized I took those on with an attitude of perseverance, love, and positivity. I had a lot of reasons to be sad and a lot of chances to be unappreciative of the difficult changes that happened this year. But I held tightly to believing that the right attitude would be the key to making 2013 the best year yet. Needless to say, it worked!

The next choice I made was the choice to trust Jesus whole-heartedly with this new year. I’ve been on a long and difficult journey with music, perfecting my art of all of the many musical things I do – playing French Horn, Ukelele, and Guitar, Djing, Singing, and Songwriting. It’s been loads of fun, but very hard to stay patient with, and very hard to trust Jesus sometimes. I often wonder how in the world I will get anywhere with my music, and it’s really hard to trust Jesus with the fact that I will get anywhere. But this year, I already made the choice to give my year, and all of my musical challenges, to Jesus.

The final choice I made was the choice to show Jesus. I decided that this year will bring me more joy if I show out Jesus, because He shows me joy every day. I am going to speak life, just like TobyMac talks about in his song “Speak Life.” I’m going to use social media to show Him whether that be lifting someone up in prayer when they say they’re having a bad day, complimenting someone online or giving someone a little reminder about how much they are loved. I’m also going to act in a way that shows Jesus – not reacting in a mean way when someone hurts me but praying for them instead. Helping someone pick up their stuff when they drop it, and sending cards or letters to people every once in a while so that they have a reminder that I am thinking about them!

I believe one hundred percent that these choices will make your year so much better! What choices have you guys made this year? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Have a blessed day,

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5 Responses

  1. Katie

    You’re off to a great start, Maddy! It’s awesome that you are taking leadership and initiative in a positive way. Just remember that true satisfaction and success lies in Christ. I know you will do a wonderful job here; way to go!

  2. Maddy

    Thanks, Katie!! That has definitely been something I’m remembering! Thanks again:)

  3. Josephine Amoako

    Great piece, Maddy! Choosing to stick with Jesus is indeed the best way to have a great year !


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