With the peace, love and joy that comes with abiding in Christ, you’re warmly welcomed into this new year – 2014. It is my greatest hope that you made the most of the Christmas season by spending time with family and touching a heart or a life of those around you, because, after all, life is only meaningful if it influences the people around you and touches their hearts.

I look forward to coming your way each week in 2014 with God-inspiring messages so we may grow together in the Lord and so we may know Him in every way He wants us to.

The first weeks of a new year are always crucial because how you start something goes a long way to affect how it will turn out in the end. We all struggle to put on new good habits and do away with bad old ones at the beginning of the year but we find ourselves barely afloat midway because we go about it the wrong way.

It is always wise to seek counsel from God about which path, turn, step and break to take so we don’t waste time trying to come back on track.

And they said unto him, Ask counsel, we pray thee, of God, that we may know whether our way which we go shall be prosperous -Judges 18:5 (KJV).

It is human nature to see our lives and endeavors progress consistently and we are always looking for a fresh start to do just that.

It is likely that 2013 didn’t go as we planned; mistakes were made, lines crossed, hearts and relationships broken but it is never too late to start repair works!

Let’s make God our Counsellor this year so we can have complete assurance that the fruit of our labor will be plentiful and our works prosperous. Let Jesus take the wheel of your life and you’ll be assured that you’ll reach your destination fully prepared and in full glory.

The ride will definitely not be smooth all the way but know that through every bump on the road, He’ll be there with you and help you up every time you fall. No one can survive living like an island – we need one another and God most of all.


Ask Him for directions every day and you’ll never go wrong.

Happy New Year and good tidings to you all!

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