Japhia Life’s New Single “It’s Ok” Is So Much More Than Ok

Japhia Life, along with Producer Luke Witherspoon, continues to whet our appetites for the highly anticipated upcoming album Th$ Profit with another new single, “It’s Ok.”

In “It’s Ok,” Lifey, as Japhia Life is known by his die-hard fans, mixes his smooth and seemingly effortless delivery with a fun hook and a driving beat. In fact, the beat and hook are so captivating that it may take a few listens through before you start to really digest the meaningful lyrics which are woven expertly into the track.

Die-hard fans may find themselves longing for more rapping on the track, not because the breaks are flimsy, but because when he does spit bars, he spits them with the conviction and intensity Lifey is known and loved for and they may leave them wanting more of them. However, whether you’re a die hard fan of Lifey or if you’re completely new to his music, “It’s Ok” has something for everyone. Clocking in at a measly 3 minutes and 6 seconds though, “It’s Ok” will leave many wishing for the Director’s cut, but it will fit radio perfectly and will leave you desperately eager for Th$ Profit to drop.

As well as being able to listen to “It’s Ok” below, you can also listen to the first single off Th$ Profit which is entitled “Poison” and was produced by J!Rodgers.

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