Christ’s Place Worship Releases God of the Broken

Out today is the brand new album from Christ’s Place Worship entitled God of the Broken. The Deluxe version (an iTunes exclusive) includes fifteen live tracks, six bonus studio tracks, a short narrative by Pastor Rick Lorimer and three live videos for the songs “Never Give Up,” “God of the Broken” and “Forever We Will Sing.”

The group’s style is modern “big church worship” a la Hillsong, JesusCulture, etc. Led by worship pastor Mike King (of BreatheDeep), this is a collection of great, well-crafted modern-worship songs. If you love Christ-centered congregational worship music, you definitely need to check this album out now.

You can purchase the Deluxe version through the link above, and the standard version on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play and other fine digital retail sites.

For more information on Christ’s Place Worship, please visit their official site online.