Review Date: 12/02/13
Review By: Chris Adam
Release Date: 10/22/13
Rating: 4/5

Nashville based rock quintet, Skyhook, has just released their third EP, titled Pneuma: A Worship Project. As the title suggests, this is a compilation of seven worship songs, four of which are original songs, and three are live recordings of covers. Pneuma is more than the standard worship album though, with Skyhook’s rock foundation giving some of the songs off the album an intriguing edgy tone akin to bands like Kutless and Starfield.

Pneuma was produced by Matt Arcaini, mixed by Ainslie Grosser, and mastered by Dan Shike. Together, this crew has worked on acts such as Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, Disciple, Building 429, and Sent By Ravens. The evidence shows as this album is very well made, with a high quality and crisp recording.

Pneuma starts off with “Sovereign God,” a song that really puts Skyhook’s best foot forward, showing just what Skyhook can bring. It starts off slow, and slowly builds the energy until it creates the perfect atmosphere of worship. “Sovereign God, we are here, we won’t leave until your glory fills the air. Sovereign God, we draw near, we will wait until your voice falls on our ears.” As Christians, we shouldn’t be content with just going to church, singing some songs, and leaving as though nothing has happened. When we worship it should be as deep as these lyrics suggest, “We won’t leave until your glory fills the air.”

We Give You Praise,” one of the faster paced songs on the album, starts off with rocking guitars and drums, bringing a little synth into the mix on top to give the song an extra edge to it. The last two original songs, “Glory” and “Your Love,” continue the excellence Skyhook brings to the table, showing, in the process, Skyhook’s ability at writing original worship songs is up there with some of the top artists in Christian music.

The fifth and first live track “Rain Down,” raises the energy as lead singer Dane Allen gets the crowd involved. With some pumping guitars, bass, and synth, this track will make you feel as though you are there yourself. “With Everything,” the first single off the album to be released alongside a live video back on June 27th 2012, which left fans wanting more of this worship side of Skyhook, is the longest song on the album, coming in at just under eight minutes, and gives a great overall feel of Pneuma. The final track, “Take The World,” is a great way to wrap up the whole album with the lyrics, “take the world, but give me Jesus.”

The Verdict: As a whole, Pneuma is a very solid worship album, that’s only shortcoming maybe that there wasn’t enough of it. With seven tracks, at thirty-four minutes long, it would have been nice for a few more songs. The live tracks were very well produced, sounding as if they were studio recordings. Pneuma, is an album which will get you deep into worship, and is definitely worth a purchase. Rating 4/5.

Pneuma is now available for purchase from iTunes and AmazonMP3.

To connect with, and learn more about Skyhook, please visit them online:
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