Galactus Jack Unfurls His Wings With New Phoenix Single

The latest single from Galactus Jack is here to tickle our lucky ears. “Phoenix” is a masterful blend of dreamy melodies, headbanging drops, and empowering lyrics. The vocals feature !ogo and with his soft, astral tones he embeds the lyrics with the power to transport you into a daze, as any great trance piece should.

The track starts off delicately with high synths and strings and slowly builds until the chorus drops and the bass heartbeat explodes. At the halfway point is a drop featuring eccentric, energetic synth wobbles that will catch any dubhead’s fancy. After the break, the piece returns to a slow, fluid build as !ogo chants “Forever” over synths that start to create the expectation for that ever sublime moment in electro music – the drop. After the chorus is repeated a couple of times, the song gently fades into the ending with a female soothingly echoing “ahhs,” leaving one last dreamy impression.

The lyrics are an empowering reminder that we are not alone as !ogo sings “We rise as one, we climb together,” and the title is elegantly depicted through the line “Beauty from the ashes of the heart reformed.” The sad thing is this is the only new single to currently be released, but the great news is it’s the first of several that will lead up to a new LP sometime in 2014, and that sometime can’t come soon enough.

“Phoenix” will be available on iTunes soon but for now you can purchase the new single on his bandcamp page, where you can also preview it. [UPDATE 11/22/13 – “Phoenix” is now available on iTunes here.]

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