Living Sacrifice Return With Crushing New Album

When Christian metal forefathers Living Sacrifice disbanded in 2003, many faith-based metal-heads were left out in the cold wondering if the band would ever make a comeback. After over half a decade actively away from the scene, the Arkansas-based group returned at the beginning of 2010 with their seventh full-length effort, The Infinite Order. Many argued that they were “back” with this release, but upon hearing their brand new album, Ghost Thief, it’s almost as if they’ve been around this entire time.

Ghost Thief is packed with a brutal onslaught of sheer technicality, occasional melodies, and a thrash vibe every once in a while. The instrumentation is everything great about Living Sacrifice combined with their classic spiritual and introspective lyrics. From the opening cut, “Screwtape”, which features guest vocals by Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter, to the closing track, “Despair”, featuring Dave Peters from Throwdown, Ghost Thief is a metal masterpiece that will certainly find its way onto many “album of the year” lists. Once again the Christ-professing heavy metallers have inspired an entire movement with their music.

Ghost Thief is now available in stores, on iTunes and other fine online retailers, so do not miss out on one of 2013’s best releases and go pick it up! You can stay up to date with all things Living Sacrifice on their Facebook and Twitter (@livingsac) pages. You can also check out the song “The Reaping” below and be sure to check back in an hour for our review of Ghost thief

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