Artist: Anita Wilson
Track: Speechless
Album: Worship Soul

“Speechless” is the ultimate love song by Anita Wilson.
From East St. Louis, Illinois, this gospel singer merges the likes of R&B and jazz to create a contemporary gospel sound that she owns each and every time. Speechless is one of those sounds.

Released in 2012 this song d sings of the Lord anHis goodness.
“I can say that You’re wonderful, but it doesn’t seem good enough. I can say that You’re kind, but that would miss the mark. I can say that You’re beautiful, but to me You are so much more.” And as Anita Wilson asks, how do we communicate exactly who He is?

“It would take a million years to explain the way I feel, You are the epitome of everything I’ll ever need, I’m so in awe of You, Lord You leave me speechless.”
Everything Anita Wilson is saying can be agreed with.
I too would “go down the line” and “name all the things that captivate my heart” but there would never be enough time; there are simply no words that can describe our God and what He has done for me.
There truly is “no expression that can define” the way He cares for me.
From Genesis through to Revelation, from what He did for me yesterday and what He’s going to do today to “the way You cared for me throughout the hands of time;” words cannot describe.

“Speechless” is the song that connects you to the Lord in a way you’ve never been connected before.
This is worship in a beautiful form. This is a pure, reflective, appreciative ballad and whilst this song might be Anita Wilson’s testimony, it can be ours too.
Our God is the God that never changes (Malachi 3:6): He is a God of wonders. He has done so many things for us. He gave His Son so that we could have life (John 3:16) and His unfailing love has given us another chance; multiple chances.
There’s nothing we can do to stop Him from loving us and there’s nothing we can do but bask in the beauty of this masterpiece.

I guarantee you’ll be hooked from beginning to end with Anita Wilson’s dulcet tones resonating whilst you have this song on loop.

It’s timeless, it’s truthful and it’s simply too beautiful not to love.
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