Righteous Vendetta Unleashes “The Fire Inside” With Fiery New Album

Review Date: 11/06/13
Review By: Justin Croteau
Release Date: 10/08/13
Rating: 4/5

A blistering medley of Metalcore and hard rock, Righteous Vendetta’s The Fire Inside brings together power house delivery with uplifting symphonies. The album isn’t just brilliant in its instrumental delivery, but also in its lyrical depth. When all these elements come together The Fire Inside is one of the best releases in the Metalcore genre in the 2013 year.

Righteous Vendetta is a five piece Metalcore outfit out of Cody, Wyoming. With two full length records under their belt, along with numerous tours with a show history of just over 800 shows in the past 4 years, Righteous Vendetta has amassed fans in the US and abroad whilst honing their performance skills to a fine edge.

The Fire Inside brings a huge variety to the table. The album starts out with its signature Metalcore/hard rock blend with the track “Defiance.” From there they keep up the knock out delivery with tracks like “What You’ve Done,” “Inside My Eyes,” and the exceptionally brutal “Far Away.” The boys show their hard rock influences with the Thousand Foot Krutch influenced track “Fight Back.” The guitar work on this album is stunning, with expertly done riffs that’ll make you want to bob your head and pound your fist (“For The Skeptic”). The lyrics on this record also stand out in the sea of Metalcore groups. It’s common place for Metalcore groups to bring lyrics soaked in emotion to the playing field, but Righteous Vendetta’s lyrics are exceptionally inspirational, albeit simple. A shining example being found in the title track (“The Fire Inside”), “Be ready for the fire, be ready for the fight/These walls cannot contain the fire inside me. I’ll keep on fighting with or without you….

Righteous Vendetta have made a name for themselves as both a touring veteran and musical visionary. They’re latest release The Fire Inside displays all the band has learned since their formation back in 2008 as a whole. This album is recommended for fans of The Color Morale, Bullet for my Valentine, and Thousand Foot Krutch and easily deserves a 4/5.


[Editor] You can view the updated music video for “This Pain” here and the music video for the album’s title track “The Fire Inside” below. You can pick up your copy of this fiery new album from Righteous Vendetta from these, and other fine online and marketplace retailers:
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