Humble Tip has released an official music video for his song “Stomach Growl,” off of his “Brainwashed” mixtape. The song tackles heavy subject matter over a somber, yawing melody and features a witty, passionately sung hook courtesy of J. Zamar. Humble rumbles with bars like, “I refuse to be the same, though the game’s gonna be temptin’ me. When did dignity become the industry’s enemy? Cycle repeats itself endlessly and it don’t make no sense to me. But hey, its hip-hop and we follow every trend ignorantly.”

The emcee grapples with a desire for relevance, while simultaneously holding fast and true to his moral roots and ideals. His final conclusion is best summarized on J. Zamar’s eloquent chorus, “And I don’t follow other people’s blueprints. I could care less about the way they be movin’. And I confess I’ve never been the type to follow crowds. You don’t understand?…Just listen to my stomach growl.” The video matches the mood of the song with stark visuals and scenes that evoke the angst of a principled “starving” artist. More humble rappers, please.


[Editor] You can download Humble Tip’s free “Brainwashed” Mixtape here.

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