Artist: The Clark Sisters
Track: Livin’
Album: Live: One Last Time

A joyous, prolific, upbeat song that features the glorious voices of The Clark Sisters, Livin’ is certainly one of those feel-good gospel songs.
The Clark Sisters hail from Detroit and the four sisters (Jacky, Dorinda, Karen and Denise “Twinkie”) have four very different voices that compliment each other effortlessly. With a distinct sound that cannot be touched, The Clark Sisters provide riffs, ranges and revival like no other.

Livin’ provides this distinct sound.
Livin’ provides revival.
Praising God for who He is, what He is, why He is, how He is… This song sings of His blessings; it praises God for the life He has given us. He has provided us with a “blessed life” and as we sing about livin’ and liking “this kinda life,” we are saying thank you.

From the ability to “speak to mountains” (Matthew 21:21) so that “they will be moved” to speaking “to dreams” so that “they will come true,” The Clark Sisters remind us there is power in the tongue. It does, after all, hold the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). The Sisters also go on to tell us that we can tell our “troubles to get away” because, guess what?
God gave us the power to make our day.

If having this power to speak it out isn’t enough to be thankful for, did you know we are “no longer walking on sinking sand” because of Him? Instead we are resting in our Father’s hands; the Solid Rock. Everyday we’re “livin’ in the overflow.”
If this isn’t something to be thankful for then I don’t know what is!

With their God- given talents on full display in this song, The Clark Sisters demonstrate exactly why they’re the ones who set the trend on the contemporary gospel scene.
With many albums between them as a group as well as individually, The Clark Sisters are certainly “livin’ the blessed life” as they share their talents with the gospel community and beyond.

Livin’ is just one song of many from The Clark Sisters. For more of their music head to iTunes and check out their official website.

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