Sarah Macintosh Pairs Newest Project With Kickstarter Campaign

Source: Merge PR

Known for having a voice David Crowder describes as one that “lures you into thinking heaven might be here already,” recording artist Sarah Macintosh is setting out to do something she’s never done before. She has decided to fund her latest project via a Kickstarter campaign, and as a result help raise awareness and finances for her family’s pending adoption.

Recently collaborating with her husband Jonny Macintosh, along with JT Daly of Paper Route and longtime friend and songwriter Mia Fieldes (formerly of Hillsong), Macintosh wrote four songs especially for A Thousand Champions – the name of the collaboration that she hopes will ultimately help bring a new bundle of joy into the Macintosh home.

A Thousand Champions is essentially electronic pop. Lorde meets M83 meets Paper Route meets Sarah Macintosh.

From now until Dec. 20, family members, friends and fans of Sarah and her music can help raise the remaining $8,000 needed to meet her Kickstarter goal of $10,000. The $10,000 goal was set to help cover the cost of adoption and its process, a decision Sarah and her family felt called to pursue. Click here and on Sarah’s photo below to hear from her directly about this mission she and her family are on.

“I’ve often said that recording and releasing music is like getting pregnant and giving birth,” she says. “The songs are nurtured and allowed to grow in a safe environment until eventually they are ready to be released for others to hold. But there is something extraordinary happening this time. Alongside new music being made there is a real, literal baby. Technically I am not pregnant, except with hope, with longing and a desire for more children, so Jonny and Scarlett and I are adopting and we can’t wait for this tiny hope bundle to arrive.”

Based upon the donation amount made toward the Kickstarter campaign for A Thousand Champions, Sarah will send each donor a special gift. The gift could be an advanced digital download or a signed physical copy of the EP, to an invitation to attend an exclusive listening party, which will be held in either Nashville or San Diego.

She only receives the Kickstarter funds and donors only receive the project and special gifts if the $10,000 goal is met before Dec. 20. You can view the kickstarter promo video below but for more information on A Thousand Champions and how you can be a backer for this project, please visit

Having worked with artists such as Michael W. Smith, Matt Redman and Tim Hughes, Sarah Macintosh is a creator of music for “not making worship music, but music that is worshipful.” In fact, Michael W. Smith has said about Macintosh, “In my years as a recording artist I have had the pleasure of working with many, many wonderful people. There are few, however, that can match the incredible heart for ministry and the great talent of Sarah Macintosh.”

For more about Sarah Macintosh and her music, please visit

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