Keno Camp Start A “Riot” With Banging New Single

Los Angeles-based Cali collective Keno Camp is back with a banger from their forthcoming album Riot, due for release on Trendency Records and Camp 8 on January 14, 2014. Their first single, “Riot (We Here),” was released today on iTunes and all digital media outlets.

From the outset of the record, it is clear that the quartet’s intentions are to get things live and keep the listeners out of their seats. The sound-scape, provided by Tyler, TX native Orlando Williams, features echoing claps, squeaky synths and undulating 808 drum-rolls which, when paired with Gabe’s chants of “We Here” on the chorus, means this track is truly reminiscent of some of CHH veteran Flame’s best work.

Tee sets it off on the first verse with punctuated lines like, “That’s how we do it, or else it’s fruitless, esteem each other as greater, cause Yahweh rules this.” All the while, the song gains steam, leading to LowSer’s second verse, on which he proclaims, “When it comes to God we don’t play games. Holy roll with real saints, at the altar there’s real change. Came one way but won’t leave the same.”  Perhaps saving the best for last, Escort rips the third verse, channeling his inner Twista. In the process, he makes it clear that his mission is deeper than rap, spitting, “I really gotta stay focused, dopest emcee, man I’m really far from it. I’m too busy tryna live this life and compete with sin, man I really wanna conquer it.” He ends his verse with perhaps the slickest lines on the whole song, “I serve the Rock of Ages, not only to rock the stages, so awake I serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

All in all, the single keeps the listeners’ ears buzzing. Keno Camp may not always possess crazy, uber-lyricism, but that clearly isn’t their aim. In what they do aim to do, keep every line laced with the gospel, they are more than successful. While possessing a sound which is commercially viable, Keno Camp brings the truth to your speakers with an edge. Get your tents, sleeping bags and lanterns…it’s time to join the Camp.

You can purchase your copy of this stunning new single from Keno Camp on iTunes and AmazonMP3  as well as other fine digital and retail outlets.

To connect with, and learn more about Keno Camp, please visit them online:
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