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Tracks “Sunshine” Hits Radio November 1 and “This Is The Time” To Be Featured in Upcoming Movie “God’s Not Dead”

On October 29, GRAMMY® nominated pop/rock group Superchick will celebrate its legacy with the release of Recollection, a CD/DVD that combines five brand-new songs with 11 of the band’s best-loved hits. The album closes out a chapter for the band, who recently announced that Superchick as we know it is saying farewell. Listen out for “Sunshine” going for adds at all radio formats November 1, while “This Is The Time” is set to be featured in the upcoming film “God’s Not Dead.”

“The fans made us real,” says Superchick’s founder and band member Max Hsu. “We stage-dived into the dark unknown and they caught us and carried us on their shoulders, record after record. Without them, we would have been gone years ago. These final songs are our love letter to everyone who carried us. They are some of our best songs and I know as a band we’d all be crushed if no one got to hear them.”

The highly-anticipated new songs found on Recollection showcase a fresh sound for Superchick. A candy shell of synth gloss coats a foundation of MPC grooves swung by fat analog basses. And it’s not just the production flourishes that stand out – the lyrics run deeper than typical pop bumper sticker sloganeering. The past year has been one of tragedy and loss for the band, marking the passing of Superchick’s drummer, Chase Lovelace, after a battle with cancer. While many of the lyrics were written in hospital waiting rooms, the songs are still a celebration of life and hope.

“When he first started chemo, Chase called me to say, ‘Don’t finish the record without me; I’m coming back in the fall,’” Hsu recalls. “Some of Chase’s rhythmic creativity lives on in these songs. These new songs are dedicated to his fighting optimism and I hope they honor his memory.”

In addition to the new songs, one of which, “Mister DJ,” can be heard below, Recollection takes listeners on a journey from the very first Superchick song ever written right through to the present day. What started in a basement in a Chicago suburb grew into a musical journey that lasted over a decade. From movies and TV shows to video games to radio charts, Superchick’s brand of girl-power pop snuck its way into living rooms and headphones all over the world. Eleven of those hits were chosen personally by the band for Recollection, and most Superchick fans will find their favorites among them.

CD Track Listing:
*New tracks

*1. Mister DJ
*2. Hope
*3. Sunshine
*4. Five Minutes At A Time
*5. This Is The Time
6. Rock What You Got (Fight Underdog Fight Mix)
7. Cross The Line (Blockbuster Mix)
8. Hey Hey
9. Stand In The Rain (Symphonic Mix)
10. Beauty From Pain
11. Pure
12. We Live
13. Hero (Red Pill Mix)
14. Get Up (Heelside Mix)
15. Barlow Girl
16. One Girl Revolution

DVD Track Listing:
1. Barlow Girl (music video)
2. We Live (music video)
3. Cross the Line (music video)
4. The Making of the Cross The Line video

About Superchick:
What started as a vision for a one-girl revolution multiplied into an army of nonconformists who believe in themselves and their ability to affect change. So defines the impact of GRAMMY® nominated Superchick, a Chicago-based band whose albums inspire, empower and entertain with a call to rise above society’s unhealthy trappings. Comprising the pop/rock band through the years are lead vocalist Tricia Brock, vocalist/guitarist Melissa Brock, bassist/vocalist Matt Dally, lead guitarist Dave Ghazarian, drummer Chase Lovelace and keyboardist/DJ/producer Max Hsu. The band’s impressive repertoire tout a line of successful albums that have sold over a million units — Karaoke Superstars, Last One Picked, Regeneration, Beauty From Pain, Rock What You Got and Reinvention. Their career songs ignited the radio with multiple radio hits, including the standout record-breaking songs “We Live” and “Stand In The Rain.” While listeners embraced the band at radio, the press, likewise, featured Superchick with prime coverage in the New York Times, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Bop, and ReMix magazines. Considered to be one of the most licensed bands in Christian music history, Superchick’s music has been heard in nearly 200 movies, television shows and video games. Earlier this year, the band announced they were closing the chapter on Superchick. The release of Recollection in October marks their final farewell boasting a collection of their best-loved hits with five brand new songs.

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