Artist: Israel Houghton
Track: Hosanna (In The Highest)
Album: Love God. Love People.

“Hosanna in the highest: let our King be lifted up Hosanna.
Jesus You be lifted higher, higher, be lifted higher…”

“Hosanna (In The Highest)” is taken from Israel Houghton’s “Love God. Love People.” album.
A simple sound with simple words with simply delightful vocals, “Hosanna (In The Highest)” is more than a contemporary gospel song; it’s an elegant work of art.

Everything about “Hosanna (In The Highest)” is effortless as Israel Houghton is reminding us that Jesus is to be lifted up in every situation.
Are you grateful for this day that the Lord has given you?
Lift Him up!
Has God worked something out for you that you thought impossible?
Lift Him up!
Did you know that you no longer have to feel so low?
Lift Him up!

“Hosanna (In The Highest)” is a song that celebrates the Lord.
“Hosanna (In The Highest)” is a song that celebrates what has been granted.
“Hosanna (In The Highest)” is a song that celebrates what is to come.

References to “Hosanna in the highest” can be found in both Mark 11:10 and Matthew 21:9 (“And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest”).

He will always be the highest and as we are told in Malachi 3:6, the Lord our God will never change. We can celebrate this fact as Israel Houghton has presented us with a song of praise; a song which warrants us to make a joyful noise. We enter worship as Israel leads us in with his voice. As the sound of the traditional choir comes in we find ourselves in a time of reflection. We’re exalting the name of the Lord. We’re being brought closer to Him. As traditional and contemporary continue to blend, the experience is intensified as we come to the bridge. The instruments, the bass, the vocals, the balance of contemporary and traditional – these elements work together to deliver a very clear message.

This is exciting. It’s divine. It’s a creation from Israel Houghton that can be enjoyed by us all, regardless of our musical preferences.

Do you want to hear more from Israel Houghton? Visit iTunes. You can also find, and follow him, on either one of these Twitter accounts (@israelhoughton) and (@ihoughton).

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