Artist: Commissioned
Track: Please You More
Album: Number 7

Please You More” is a song from Commissioned, one of the most powerful gospel groups of our time. Originally from Detroit and despite undergoing various changes within its line-up throughout the years, the sound of Commissioned has always remained the same.

Consistently contemporary yet always a blessing, these gospel greats continue to speak through their music up until this day and “Please You More” is no different.

A timelessly smooth sound that caresses the ears, “Please You More” embeds the scripture within it and, after all of this time, it’s as powerful as it was when Commissioned’s Number 7 album was released back in 1991. It’s been more than 20 years and the song still stands strong today.

The fusion of this worldly genre mixed with the Word of the Lord is exactly why the music of Commissioned is so strong. It sets them apart. And whether you’re in the Lord, flirting with the ‘idea’ or simply doing your own thing, this is a sound which will draw you in. The power of secular music is at work here. It’s doing something to you. It’s affecting you but you don’t quite know why…

Then you listen to the lyrics and “Please You More” all of a sudden makes sense.

“Lord I’m trying so hard, to be a man you can be proud of. Each day I try to do what’s right…” As the classic 90s slow jam wraps its way around the words, you can’t help but want to hear more as you relate to the prayer being sung.

“…To help someone stand so that they can make it through.” We all aim to be more Christ-like as our journey in the Lord deepens and, as the sound entices us to let our guards down and wholly submit to the experience, we find ourselves falling into a time of closeness with God. We all want to please Him with each day we’re granted. We all want to “overcome and give more” as we learn to “walk by faith and not by sight.”

With the sax and the harmonies offering a charming experience alongside the truth of the Word, it is crucial to note that the Word was never lost; Commissioned got the balance right each and every time.

From the beginning of “Please You More” to the way the voices beautifully melt throughout; this song is perfection as Fred Hammond, Karl Reid, Mitchell Jones, Mike Williams, Eddie Howard, Marvin Sapp and Maxx Frank did exactly what their name said. They took the gospel and brought it to us. They brought it to us in a form we understood. Commissioned spoke to us through this infused, musical platform and “Please You More” still speaks to us today.

You can listen to more songs and watch some videos from Commissioned on their YouTube Channel and buy their music on iTunes.

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