Artist: Marvin Sapp
Track: I Win
Album: I Win

Soothing and uplifting, “I Win” is all about claiming the victory in every situation.

Do you know that you are an overcomer?
Do you know that you can conquer anything?

You can win if you just believe and that is exactly what we’re being told in this song.

The message “I Win” carries is so beautiful you find yourself in a time of deep praise and worship almost instantly. With the blend of Marvin’s soulful, mellowing voice complimenting the instruments and backing vocals, your surroundings fade away as his words speak to you directly. You’re not alone. He’s been where you’ve been and he knows how hard it can be; he knows the feeling of wanting to give in regardless of the situation. If you want to overcome then all you have to do is “decree it” and “declare it”. All you have to do is say those two small words, “I Win.”

A song about God keeping you in times of trouble, “I Win” is from Sapp’s ninth solo album which goes by the same name. His first album since the death of his wife MaLinda in 2010, “I Win” not only reigns victorious because of its message but also because of the emotional place where it comes from. Despite his personal loss and what he might have been feeling and thinking at the time, he was still able to encourage us by preaching through his songs. He is using his testimony as a way to get you to listen. He’s using his testimony as a way to say ‘Stand up! Don’t let your circumstance take control! Stand up and be victorious in the name of the Lord!’

“I Win” is a rhythmic journey that goes from loss to victory as we are gently reminded that just as the Lord gives, so the Lord also takes away (Job 1:21). “I Win” also echoes the word of 1John 4:4 as we are told that greater is he that is in You, than he who is in the world.

Remember that with God it is possible. Through Him the victory is won. And only by Him can you truly look adversity in the eye and say “I win”.

For more of Marvin Sapp’s work you can head to YouTube and iTunes. You can also follow him on Twitter (@marvinsapp) and like the official Facebook page.

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