Mandisa Inspires Every “Overcomer” with Powerful New Music Video

Some of you may be familiar with Mandisa from her days as a finalist on season 5 of American Idol. Others may remember her from tobyMac’s music video for “Lose My Soul.” Now, people may recognize her from her recent single “Overcomer,” which hit the airwaves this past June and has been charting well ever since.

The song “Overcomer” may sound like a typical pop song, with piano, acoustic guitar, and synths placed against a catchy beat but what really carries the song, though, are Mandisa’s dynamic vocals and the inspiring words she sings, speaking life into the listener. It’s an anthem of encouragement, as Mandisa sings, “Whatever it is you may be going through, I know He’s not gonna let it get the best of you! You’re an overcomer! Stay in the fight ‘til the final round, you’re not going under, ‘cause God is holding you right now!”

The music video for “Overcomer” opens with Mandisa driving a car and stopping at a stop sign–which is appropriate, given that the opening lines of the song are “Staring at a stop sign, Watching people drive by, T Mac on the radio.” But then we see a familiar face–Robin Roberts, the ABC news anchor who overcame breast cancer. Footage of the inspiring stories of news anchor Robin Roberts, figure skater Scott Hamilton, Biggest Loser contestant Hannah Curlee, and Congresswoman Gabby Giffords–all of whom are overcomers in unique ways–is interspersed throughout the video. The video cuts back and forth between the footage of these stories and Mandisa singing in a darkly lit boxing arena, where we see shots of people training. Mandisa’s energetic performance and big smile light up the camera, breaking through the symbolic dark blue lighting of her setting. It’s really the inspiring stories, though, that make the video truly memorable and it’s difficult to watch it without shedding a happy tear or two!

Mandisa – Overcomer Album Artwork

If you need some inspiration to keep pushing through your trials, or if you simply want to watch something awesome, you can watch Mandisa’s music video for “Overcomer” below. You can also watch the official lyric video here. “Overcomer” is the title track of her latest album which released August 23rd and can be bought on iTunes and through other fine digital and physical retailers.

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