Christian pop rock band Newsboys continue their career-long streak of energetic music with their highly anticipated new album Restart. The album has already garnered much positive feedback on Twitter, including praise from fellow musician Tobymac, since its release three days ago. After all these years, Newsboys still deliver upbeat songs with uplifting lyrics which never fail to get people on their feet.

Restart is the kind of album you’ll want to take with you everywhere you go, whether it be on a morning jog, your commute to work or even to play as your wake up alarm, so be sure to grab a copy today! You can purchase Restart on iTunes and many other fine digital retailers and be sure to check out the album sampler below. As well as the album sampler, the band also released the lyric video to the lead single off the album “Live With Abandon” at the start of July and recently posted simpler lyric videos to two more songs on Restart, Disaster and Fishers of Men. If that isn’t enough for you to get a true taste of the new album, you can download the first track from the album “That’s How You Change The World” for free here.

Newsboys are starting their Restart Tour later this month, so be sure to check if they’re coming to a city near you because if the songs on Restart make you feel awesome while you’re casually listening to them, imagine how much better they’ll make you feel when you hear them live!

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