Manafest Stays Onboard in “Overboard” Music Video

When it comes to Manafest’s skills with rapping, singing, and producing music, he’s out of this world. When it comes to video treatments, though, he prefers not to rock the boat.

Manafest just released the music video for his latest single “Overboard.” The music video bears a strong resemblance to the official lyric video, except this time we see Manafest sing the song while on a boat, on a beach, on a rocky hill, and in a mysterious woodpile. The beautifully shot video features wide landscape shots that reflect the isolation of the speaker in the song.

The song tells of a relationship that is sinking to low depths–and of the determination to keep it afloat, even though the waters of life are rough. Manafest’s desperate urgency is heard in the chorus: “We gotta wake up, we gotta save us/So baby hang on/I’m coming after you, I’m diving overboard/Any moment we could lose it/I’m coming after you, I’m diving overboard/S.O.S/I’m diving overboard off the edge/I’m diving overboard!” Despite the dynamic imagery of the lyrics, though, Manafest chose to stay onboard throughout the entire video.

You can watch the official music video for “Overboard” below or on Manafest’s VEVO page. To stay up to date with Manafest, like his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter and check out his official website. To read the latest Christian music news, reviews, and interviews, follow us on Twitter (@jesuswired) and keep checking back here at

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