TobyMac Takes Us Back In Time With New “Me Without You” Music Video

TobyMac’s new music video for his hit single “Me Without You” is a blast from the past, featuring synthesizers, eight-track players, cassette tapes, and small televisions from the 1980’s. There’s even some old rotary telephones! The video opens with tobyMac’s son, Truett (a.k.a. TruDog), going into a room filled with technology from three decades ago. He plays vintage video games as his father performs the song on various screens in the room. The video also features stop motion editing, with the synthesizer keys and various buttons syncing up with the synthesizers in the song. Cassette tape covers around the room feature words and phrases taken from the song, such as “everlasting,” “fade away,” and “believe.” It’s a nostalgic and colorful video that fits the fun feeling of the song. You can check it out below.

“Me Without You” was the lead single off TobyMac’s latest album “Eye On It” which you can purchase on iTunes (it is also available via other respectable online retailers).

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