Say Hello to 1 Girl Nation

Over the past decade, girl pop groups have started to disappear in the general music industry. Gone are the days when a girl and her friends would band together to sing and dance, splitting harmonies and trading solos. The CCM scene has helped keep the girl group alive through acts like Point of Grace and The Rubyz. Now there’s a new girl group act to be excited about: 1 Girl Nation!

1 Girl Nation’s self-titled debut album is in stores today! You can buy it on iTunes here (it’s also available via other fine online retailers).

1 Girl Nation started through a nationwide audition process, where 5 girls–Carmen, Kelsey, Lindsey, Kayli, and Lauryn–from 4 different parts of the country–Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and Illinois–were chosen to be part of 1 group with 1 message. Unlike the secular girl groups some of us listened to growing up, 1 Girl Nation is a group with a powerful and positive message, which can be heard loud and clear through their catchy debut single “While We’re Young”: live for Jesus now and you won’t have many regrets later on in life. They declare in the chorus: “We’re gonna save ourselves the heartache, We’re not looking back on what we wish we’d done, We’re gonna risk it all for one thing, And live for Jesus while we’re young, While we’re young!”

1 Girl Nation Album Cover
1 Girl Nation Album Cover

Each of the members of 1 Girl Nation have unique personalities and distinct vocal styles. They harmonize beautifully in their cover of Tori Kelly’s “Fill A Heart” and they breathe fresh life into The Afters’ radio hit “Every Good Thing.”

These 5 girls are confident in the call God has placed on their lives, and 1 Girl Nation is definitely a group to recommend to teens–especially girls. Ladies, grab your hairbrushes–you’re going to want to sing along!

To stay up-to-date with 1 Girl Nation’s latest news, like 1 Girl Nation on facebook, follow them on Twitter @1girlnation, and check out their website. 1 Girl Nation’s music video for their lead single “While We’re Young” is coming out soon and Jesus Wired will be posting a link to it, so be sure to check back often, like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter @jesuswired.

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