Twelve24 “Light Up The Night” with their New Summer Anthem

Grab your dancing shoes, turn the volume up loud and say hello to your summer anthem…

UK based Twelve24 are back with their smashing new music video for their new track “Light Up The Night”. The song and colourful video features UK MOBO award winning rapper Guvna B (@GuvnaB). “Light Up The Night” is the second song Twelve24 have released in recent weeks, the first one being “Hurricane” and you can read our article on it and watch the stunning video here. Both tracks are off their upcoming free album “Tell The Truth” which will be available for free download off Twelve24’s website at midday August 24th.

“Light Up the Night” contains the unmistakable message that God is always with us every step of the way and, with Him as our Saviour, He will light the way for us through the dark times in our lives. The track also encourages us strongly to “Light Up The Night” for those around us by shining our lights, as Christians, into the dark places of this world we live in; a sentiment taken from Matthew 5:16 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” These messages and values are highlighted emphatically through Christina’s calming lyrics in between Guvna B’s high energy verse and the big finish, “I’ll never leave, you’re not alone, it came from the words of the maker, You rescued me and now I’ll go and tell the world that You Light Up The Night”.

Twelve24 Band Picture

Ever since Twelve24 burst onto the music scene, they have been brimming with potential and it’s safe to say that after their latest two new songs and music videos, “Hurricane” and now “Light Up The Night”, Twelve24 have come along way since they started and are now living up to, and even exceeding, that potential. Twelve24 have now joined the likes of LZ7, Guvna B, Victizzle, Faith Child, Jahaziel and Utter Once (to name a few) as the UK’s most prominent Christian artists and are destined to become stalwarts in the Christian music scene worldwide. Their “Hurricane” and “Light Up The Night” music videos, along with their upcoming stunning game changing free album “Tell The Truth”, have laid down a new high level benchmark for themselves and all other artists to aim for in their future work. Twelve24 have officially made their mark and the future looks bright for the trio from Manchester, United Kingdom.

To stay up to date on all of Twelve24’s latest updates, be sure to like their page on facebook, follow them on twitter @TWELVE24 and visit their website where there is a live countdown to the new album. Also, be sure to “Light Up the Night” by sharing this video with as many people as possible!

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