Twelve24 Stir Up A Storm with Stunning New Music Video

At 7pm on Friday July 26th Twelve24 unveiled their stunning new music video for their new single “Hurricane”.  Ten days, and four and a half thousand youtube views later, it is continuing to gain rave reviews and be well received by Twelve24’s growing fanbase. The track is off their upcoming free album “Tell The Truth” which is set to be released August 24th at midday (UK time). The album will be available for free download from their website and we will post a link as soon as it comes out so be sure to check back then!

Twelve24 "Tell The Truth" Album Cover
Twelve24 “Tell The Truth” Album Cover

If the high energy dub-step/dance/pop hybrid track “Hurricane” is anything to go by, “Tell The Truth” is set to be an incredible album from the Christian R&B and Hip-Hop group based out of Manchester, United Kingdom. If you are yet to purchase their latest release, you can buy the “Better Words” album on iTunes.

To stay up to date on all of Twelve24’s latest updates, be sure to like their page on facebook, follow them on twitter @TWELVE24 and visit their website where there is a live countdown to the new album.

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