Video: MPH – Doubting Tom

Check out the brand new music video from Man Praisin’ Hard, who goes under the acronym of MPH, which released towards the end of May. The music video is directed by BRadBeats (@BRadBeats) and produced by Riley Mykal (@RileyMykal). The track is called “Doubting Tom” and the very honest track is from the mixtape “Critical Condition Part 2” which can be downloaded HERE for free. The mixtape, which is hosted by DjTouchScreen (@DJ_Touchscreen), is said to be his most authentic and creative work yet.

MPH, who’s 21 and based out of Atlanta, began writing and producing music at 8 years old and very much prefers to set new trends rather than follow them. He has a long history of successful independent albums, and he has performed alongside many Grammy heavy hitters Patti LaBelle, John Legend to name just a couple.

To keep up with his latest updates, you can like his Facebook page HERE and follow him on twitter @ManPraisingHard.

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