Exclusive Video: Fearless by The Remission Flow

Exclusive Video: Fearless by The Remission Flow

JesusWired will be hosting the brand new video in the U.S. for “Fearless” by the Irish band The Remission Flow for one week. Yes, that’s right. You can only see it HERE for the next week!

The song is inspired by the reckless, peerless love of our God and the response which that should illicit in those who have received His Mercy. This is a live demo recorded using a handful of mics in the little homemade studio above the guitarist’s garage on the outskirts of Monaghan in Ireland. They recorded their debut album “The Light That Floods” in this little room last year with Producer/engineer and label boss Trevor Michael. They hope to include a more complete version of the track on their upcoming live album scheduled for a late Autumn/Winter 2013 release on 7coremusic.



The Remission Flow are seven ordinary people, with very ordinary talents living wonderfully normal lives. Our backgrounds, ages and experiences are as diverse as our dreams, failings and needs. However, we are totally united in Jesus Christ, desperate to serve our God and burdened for those who have yet to receive His beautiful salvation. We haven’t got Christianity figured out, don’t have all the answers and our lives are far from perfect. In fact, our names, faces, stories and the songs we have been given are worth nothing if they do not point to Christ. God has instructed us to share our hearts, vision, pains, struggles and joy with each of you and to point everyone we meet Home. It is our desire to live out our lives in Worship and to see many receive the Remission of their sins. We are so unworthy but so incredibly privileged to serve in this ministry and pray that we can be a blessing through our obedience to God’s call. All Glory, Honour and Power are the Lord’s forever and ever. Amen.

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