Hot New Music From Rilian (And It's Free!)

Hot New Music From Rilian (And It’s Free!)

Rilian is Jerad Griffin. Jerad Griffin grew up in Tampa, Florida playing in the punk/hardcore scene. He had the opportunity to play with Anberlin when they were first forming and filled in for their drummer, Nate, on several tours. In 2008, Jerad joined High Flight Society, taking up guitar and background vocal duties. High Flight Society had 2 songs in the Christian Rock Top 5.

Now going solo in Rilian, Jerad has written and recorded several songs for an upcoming EP. The first single is called, “Time To Let It Go,” a song about bullying. Rilian’s style is heavily influenced by 90’s alternative rock bands with a modern pop/rock feel.

Jerad’s one year old son, Jude, has recently had surgery on his ears and all the proceeds from this single will go to paying for his son’s medical bills.

Download this amazing track on NoiseTrade and donate to his son’s cause if you feel led to do so.